Dispossession by Law: How the Israeli Judicial System Utilizes Ottoman Land Law to Expel and dispossess the Bedouins

  by Ahmed Amara On May 5, 2015, Israel’s Supreme Court rejected the Abu al-Kia’an family’s appeal against the decision of the government and the planning authorities to evict the inhabitants of two Bedouin villages that inhabit about 1,000 members of the family. In their stead and on the land that the family cultivates, the government will build a new settlement [...]

The World in a Speck of Dust

by On Barak In the autobiographical novel The Cairo House, the Egyptian-American author Samia Serageldin recalls her desire for the world outside Egypt, “a world in which you did not constantly lose the battle against dust and baksheesh.” In another work, Out of Egypt, André Aciman also expresses disgust with post-1952 Egypt, where “there are too many vagrants, too much [...]